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After having had issues with "other" companies, Team Tuxedo turned to for our Let's Play server needs. They responded brilliantly; over two and a half years later we can't fault their service - either customer support, or the server itself. The only issue we've had is when it came to resetting the map; we wanted a new map for 1.8 - history tells us that 1.8 actually ended up being a bad patch for those creating new maps, but that wasn't a problem for these guys. We had a minimum of downtime while they plugged the horrendous RAM leak, and to date the issue hasn't reoccured. In recent months we decided to set up a second server for mini-maps and games, for our YouTube videos and Beam streams, it's now grown in popularity to the point where we've had to upgrade. A quick support ticket and response within the hour has led to our Pixelmon server(as it's now become) running on 3.5GB instead of the paltry 1.5GB it was on before. Thank you to Jake and the rest of the team, here's to another 2 1/2 years with!

Master of Darkness

HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I only pay for a regular gold server but feel like i get premium diamond help.


So far best host site I used. Great service seriously great service. 10/10 service and 9/10 performance. I would look no longer for good hosting site.


absolutely the best host in the game....superior tech to everyone else and leaps and bounds above all others in price too...awsome job guys keep up the incredible work p.s your ticket system rocks, immediate answers to all my questions, which I have asked many!


I found minecraftserver through a friend who runs his own minecraft server, and the experience has been great. I've been having trouble setting up my minecraft server with FTB Direwolf20 and they have helped me along the way with getting rid of the console error messages, and getting my server up and running.


THANK YOU!!! You guys are INCREDIBLY tolerant of my server issues :)!!! Highly recommend these guys!!!


With these guys since nearly a year and received excellent service. We are using a server out of amsterdam and it works like a charm!


Support - 5/5 Whenever I have had any problems at all, I can send out a support ticket and get a helpful response within a few minutes. Features - 5/5 The Multicraft control panel is very straight forward and gives you access to everything you need for the server. Performance - 5/5 Performance of all the servers I have is great. From a 1gb to 4gb server, they operate well and can certainly handle the players and mods suggested. Price - 4/5 Although the price is not the cheapest out there, the value for money is certainly one of the best. Website - 5/5 The website is very easy to browse and I've never had trouble finding anything I needed. Uptime - 5/5 I've never had any trouble with downtime and if there was any maintenance, they give lots of warning through their great support.


I was having problems with making a server on my own and I was struggling but thanks to one of the nice and friendly staff i was able to make the server for me and my school.


10/10, hands down. Love these guys. They always provide the best support, and while the tickets I file with them are annoying as heck, they stick with me through the whole issue and see to it that it is resolved. Great service, and no downtime. Again, 10/10.


Been with this host for a while now, my Minecraft server has been up for 2 months, Haven't had any problems, great customer support! I would recommend this host to anyone who wants a minecraft server! :)


Best service and servers PERIOD. you guys do a GREAT job especially dealing with know nothings like me LOL


Best server hosting company, GoldCraft Loves you :)


Let me put it to you all this way. Vanilla server set up is instant. Server purchased = vanilla server up and running and available to log into within 5 minutes (I'm guessing the wait is for payment confirmation) I've been using their services for a 20 player vanilla server for about a year now, little down time, always fast pings, and little to no lag with proper maintenance. I've been so happy with the service that now I'm starting a FTB server with them. Setup isn't easy, many things to download and upload. The staff has been excellent and have been with me through every step (and misstep LOL) It's now 8:45pm PST and there is someone answering my ticket requests. That's how good these guys are!


I have been with these guys for nearly a month now and they're great so far! The support is helpful and quick. When I make a support ticket they message me within the hour. I would also recommend these guys to anyone looking for server hosts, and its very affordable if you're trying to have a group of friends without lag and a 27/7 server. Good Job guys!


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