Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions our support staff receives, and we're hoping it can save you some time!

We normally update our servers right after Mojang releases a new update, if you are using default Minecraft you should just need to restart your server for it to take affect. If that doesn't work please open a ticket and we can help assist you as soon as possible.
Normally updates for Spigot/Craftbukkit take a week or so for their updates, however once they are updated we will add a new file onto the drop down menu for the latest version example "Mod: Spigot 1.9".

Go to (Don't log in)

Click "Register here" if you don't have an account yet.

Create an account for that user you want.

Once done this log into your account then click users, after that type in the users name you want to have control and give them the access you wish for them to have.

Please note that we don't suggest giving everyone control to your server unless you trust them as they could delete all of your files if you give them that access.
North America = Intel Xeon E3-1231v3, Solid State Drives (SSD's) in Raid, 1Gbps network ports Europe = Intel Xeon E5-2630v3, Solid State Drives (SSD's) in Raid, 1Gbps network port
We allow you to upload any jar files you would like using the custom.jar option we can also help with most mod pack installs
If you don't pay for your server 2 days after it's overdue it will be suspended until payment is made, however if it passes 14 days it will be terminated from our system along with all files being removed no backups if you know you will be gone for a time you can add funds into your account or contact us to see if we can extend the due date.
We offer a 15% discount for payments pay annually which is included in the price when ordering, however contact us for any promo codes which might help with it!
Not at all since we do the hosting you will not have to setup any type of port forwarding on your computer or network!
Yes, using FTP access you will be able to upload your own maps or even custom maps you have downloaded!
Yes we provide free MySQL databases! In order to get one just go into the multicraft control panel, view your server, under the advanced options click on the MySQL Database. There you can create one or manage it.
A MySQL database is just what it means, a database it is required from some plugins such as logblock, some permissions etc however we offer them for free if needed! is a group of friends with a long history in server hosting and game server hosting, our parent company PureVoltage has been around since 2007 providing dedicated servers, game servers, colocation and vps hosting with a large amount of experience in the hosting industry well before 1999!
A dedicated IP is an IP that is reserved for only one server without a need to have a port at the end of the IP. Example Dedicated IP = Non Dedicated IP = With either option we can setup a domain for you!
We have staff located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia! This allows us to respond in just minutes at all hours of the day!
We provide a 3 days money back on all Minecraft plans, however we require that if you have issues with our service you contact and work with our support team. If we are unable to help fix your issues we can in most cases provide a refund.
If you wish to cancel your plan you can do so in the client area, open a support ticket and ask for your server to be cancelled. Our staff will cancel your server for you and you just need to make sure any subscriptions are cancelled on your end.
Of course! We offer full FTP access on our servers which lets you upload and configure any plugins you wish to use. You can also use our control panel to install only plugins published on the Bukkit website wih a simple click.
We provide full ftp access which you can use to transfer your server from your old hosting provide to us, if you need help with this process contact our support team and we will be happy to help!
Yes, you can change the player slots in the control panel, if you don't have this option just open a support ticket and we can give you access for this.
Most of the time you will want to choose the location closes to you however you do not need to be in that location itself in order for our service to work!
Absolutely not! You can use any location of ours however the closes location for you will do better in most cases, however if you still are not sure just open a pre-sales ticket and we can help!
Absolutely, Our servers never sleep we have some servers online over 800+ days!
Normally our tickets are answered in less than 15 minutes, however if it's really busy it is possible that it takes a little bit longer, if you bump your ticket this moves it to the bottom our our queue so just relax and it will get answered asap!
We normally suggest our budget plans for most users however our Premium plans are there for those who really need that extra amount of help and time setting up their server and would like our premium support which requires our staffs time.
By default our servers do not take backups you will need to create a task in the control panel to take backups for you, we suggest having this setup every 24-48 hours and to take off site backups just to be extra safe.
We currently have a few options, PayPal, All major credit cards via Stripe, and PayPal - Manual. Our PayPal option requires you to have a backup method such as a bank accoutn or Credit card on file with PayPal, if you don't have this you can use the PayPal - Manual option.